Expressive Writing to Address Trauma

Trauma survivors often go through changes to their physical health, emotional well-being, thinking, daily activities, and can intensely avoid reminders of the trauma. Mental health practitioners and scientists believe that this avoidance keeps the debilitating symptoms going instead of healing them.

In this program you will be supported by your therapist to address a traumatic experience by producing an expressive writing piece in specific steps informed by the following approach:

Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD: A Brief Treatment Approach. Denise M. Sloan and Brian P. Marx.

This method has been rigorously researched over years and shown to be a gentle, brief, and effective way to improve physical and psychological health. During this program you will be supported to:

  • Produce your written trauma narrative.
  • Reflect on the experience of writing the narrative (without specifically recounting the trauma).
  • Evolve the trauma narrative and consider how the trauma has changed your life and world view.
  • Experience processing a trauma through expressive writing.

The Written Exposure Therapy approach (WET) is designed to be completed in the clinic setting with the support and guidance of your therapist. Our Psychologist, Shannon Quinn, has years of experience working with individuals who have survived trauma and will be a warm and compassionate ally in your journey to overcome trauma through expressive writing.