Living Well on the Spectrum

In this program you will be guided by your therapist to complete relevant chapters and exercises (at your own pace) from the following text:

Living well on the spectrum : how to use your strengths to meet the challenges of Asperger syndrome/high-functioning autism by Valerie L. Gaus.

This text consists of two parts: part 1, life on the spectrum, and part 2, positive solutions for a quality life. Within the chapters you will learn tools and methods to:

  • Understand how your brain works differently.
  • Which brain differences are causing you the most difficulty.
  • Improve on the things that can be changed.
  • Accept and compensate for those that can’t be changed.
  • Leverage your strengths to enhance your life and live it to the full.

Living Well on the Spectrum is a self-help text, however it can help a great deal to have a supportive and knowledgeable ally to journey with you. Our team has specialist training and experience working with people on the spectrum and are here to help.

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