Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, And Worry

In this program, you will be guided by your therapist(s) through the following Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness skills workbook:

The Anxiety Skills Workbook: Simple CBT and mindfulness strategies for overcoming anxiety, fear, and worry. Stefan G Hofmann, PhD (2020) New Harbinger.

The workbook takes the most effective skills for addressing anxiety, fear, and worry and organizes them into a simple format to help you learn the skills to stay grounded when anxiety shows up. While each module builds off the other, they are flexible enough to be individualised to your particular situation. Over the course of 10 sessions, you will be guided in:

  • Creating a plan to address your anxiety.
  • Learning mindful relaxation.
  • Adjusting your mindset.
  • Changing your behaviours.

In the individual format, your therapist will be your guide joining you as a warm and compassionate ally in your efforts to overcome anxiety. In the group format you will also be supported by others who experience anxiety making for a unique opportunity to learn from each other.

Fees and Rebates for Individual Sessions

Fees and Rebates for Group Sessions

Reviewed 31 August 2023