Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment is an applied science concerned with the behavioural expression of the brain and mind. Psychological assessment provides a screening and diagnostic function, and aids in decision making about appropriate treatments.

Availability and Timeframes

  • SQPsych currently has capacity to provide 2 assessments every quarter (i.e. Jan-March, April – July etc.).
  • The whole assessment process from intake to delivery of an assessment report generally takes up to 3 months.
  • It usually includes an intake session (1hr), 2 x 2 hour blocks of face to face testing (often on the same day), 4 hours report writing (including scoring and interpretation of tests), and up to 1hr face to face feedback of results. 


  • This service is charged at the Australian Psychological Society recommended fee of $280 per hour.
  • Initial quote is $2800 for the total 10 hours of services provided. 


  • Medicare does not provide rebates for this type of psychological assessment. 
  • NDIS may provide for this under the improved daily living line item.
  • Please speak with your insurer if you have private health cover as coverage varies depending on your insurer and policy.