Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment is an applied science concerned with the behavioural expression of the brain and mind.

How can psychological assessment help?

  • Screening to determine whether further assessment with a psychologist, medical doctor, or other allied health professional would be warranted.
  • Provide guidance on the direction of patient care, treatment, and support planning. In this instance, testing can provide valuable information about cognitive status, behavioural differences, personality characteristics, and adjustment to disability. This information can inform people responsible for the individuals wellbeing about conditions that affect behaviour.
  • Treatment evaluation: to establish a base line measure and demonstrate response to interventions.

At SQPsych we provide testing to describe individual strengths, weaknesses, and symptoms across a wide range of psycho-social-behavioural domains, for example:

  • Cognitive (intellectual) abilities.
  • Adaptive behaviours.
  • Personality functioning.
  • Psychopathology.
  • Attention and response control.
  • Social cognition.
  • Memory.
  • Autism symptoms.
  • ADHD symptoms.
  • Mood symptoms.
  • Anxiety symptoms.
  • Stress symptoms.
  • Trauma symptoms.



  • The Medicare Mental Health Care Plan is intended to provide rebates for psychological treatment. SQPsych applies a feedback informed approach to treatment employing rapid assessments to monitor treatment outcomes.
  • Comprehensive psychological assessment is not rebatable under Medicare.
  • Depending on your plan, NDIS may provide for psychological assessment under the improved daily living line item.
  • Please speak with your insurer if you have private health as coverage varies depending on your insurer and policy. 

Consent and privacy

SQPsych is comitted to delivering an ethical service upholding your right to consent to receiving services and maintaining your privacy.

Last reviewed 10 August 2023.