Why do psychology services cost so much?

Many clients and therapists don’t understand why a Psychology session costs $150, $180, $200 or more for 50 minutes of talking. Some people think “my Psychologist sits in an office with minimal overheads – why am I paying so much”? At face value, a Psychology service looks like a low tech, low expenditure service, butContinue reading “Why do psychology services cost so much?”

Manly QLD consulting space

My hope is that when you visit the Manly location you will feel comfortable and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The room is located at the Embrace Wellness Hub, on the Silky Oaks campus 218 Manly Road, Manly, QLD. Next door you will find Silky Oaks Medical Center, and also on site are a range ofContinue reading “Manly QLD consulting space”