A phase approach to healing from trauma

Healing from trauma can be an overwhelming with survivors often feeling hopeless about their ability to enact change. Survivors often ask: where do I even begin? When we encounter seemingly insurmountable challenges in life, it can be helpful to break them down into smaller chunks. In the field of trauma there seems to be aContinue reading “A phase approach to healing from trauma”

Biofeedback by Muse

Just wanted to let you know that recently I have been preparing to make an addition to the services offered here at SQPsych. The addition is a smart biofeedback headband and online platform by Muse.  Here’s some more information: https://choosemuse.com/pages/how-it-works I have been using this headband myself on and off for the past 2-3 years andContinue reading “Biofeedback by Muse”

Welcoming Emily to the SQPsych team

Just a quick note to inform you that SQPsych is accepting new referrals and to introduce you to the newest member of the SQPsych team. Emily Millar – Counsellor Emily Millar is an enthusiastic new graduate counsellor well placed to work with children, adolescents, and adults supporting them to address a variety of concerns including:•Continue reading “Welcoming Emily to the SQPsych team”

Expressions of Interest

Coordinators, support staff, educators, and caregivers. Calling for expressions of interest for group bookings for SQPsych’s Introduction to Autism training. Although the general population has more knowledge now than ever about Autism, there is still exists a lack of understanding and knowledge in identifying and supporting individuals with Autism. #Autism #training

My ADHD brain: 4 areas of the brain affected in ADHD

Individuals with ADHD who come to see me for therapy often ask what is going on in their brain, and how their brain is different from “normal people’s” brains. I struggle to answer this question because 1. I don’t want to spend too much of our time together lecturing about the latest literature on theContinue reading “My ADHD brain: 4 areas of the brain affected in ADHD”

Free for Download: Prompt Cards for Conversations about Cognitive Distortions

Earlier this year I employed an illustrator to help me develop some prompt cards to use in session with clients, stimulate conversation, and add a visual component to further explain some of the unhelpful thinking styles commonly seen in anxiety, depression, and other psychological difficulties. I think they have come together really well and theContinue reading “Free for Download: Prompt Cards for Conversations about Cognitive Distortions”